Afterschool Art

Grades K-8

The fall 2024-25 schedule can be viewed below. Registration is now open!

To register for fall K-8 Afterschool Art  class there is an $80/deposit at this time. Monthly tuition October-May is $120/month. Click payment plan in the registration link for more info.

For more details about monthly pricing, cancellation policies, and how the full year enrollment works click a registration link below.

Afterschool art classes run continuously throughout the year, mid-September until Memorial Day Weekend. 

Classes incorporate drawing, painting, collage, and a little bit of sculpture by incorporating a wide range of art materials, techniques, vocabulary, design concepts, and problem solving. 

Afterschool Artists will have their work on public display or in a studio art show in late November, early March, and early May!

Displaying Artistic Talents

At Harbor Creative Arts, every young artist’s work is a gallery-worthy masterpiece. We celebrate their vision, fostering a community of proud, confident creators.