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What is HCA Outside? What is an Outdoor Creative Play Session?

The most unique 750 square foot fenced-in creative play area! Children learn both independence & the art of collaboration. It is truly the most joyful experience for both children & adults.

There is a playhouse called “The Shack” where children can pretend to serve up beach snacks, shells, sandwiches, and more, a small garden for endless watering, a construction/building/block area called “The Pit”, a fairy land play platform, and the highlight, “The Creativity Kitchen”, a mud kitchen set up for nature cooking and concoctions, potion-making, and more.

This program is most appropriate for ages 2-5 years old.

We will be offering limited registration options. As we head into our third year hosting this magical play & learning space, we are excited to now have a firm grasp on how to use it most effectively as well as how and what best serves our visitor’s schedules. 

This summer HCA Outside will offer a Monday & Friday VICP Program and a special space for our most special summer arts camps. Limited registration is available for our VICP program just as a typical class is. We are not guaranteeing drop-in registrations at any point this summer. (This is for a variety of reasons.) —> Last summer we piloted the VICP Program and it was a huge success! The Very Important Creative Playmate program provided registrants a weekly spot (like a weekly class would). 

Registration will open very soon!! (fyi: this was updated 4/8)

2024 Outdoor Play Session Registration info:

  • Mondays 9:30-10:30 or Fridays 9:30-10:30
  • The summer session is 7 weeks starting the week of July 8th
  • Ages 2-5
  • $160 for the session (10% discount for a sibling)
  • 10 spots are available for both sessions

Adult participation is not required for ages 4 and over. For ages 4+ who are comfortable on their own, adults may drop-off children or stay at the picnic tables. Children MUST be fully potty trained and able to use the bathroom themself in order to be dropped off.

Under 4 years old: Parents/responsible adults must stay on-premises with children 4 and under or if the child is not fully potty trained (able to fully use the restroom independently). Children 4 and under must be supervised by their accompanying adult due to the potential of some materials to be a choking hazard. HCA does not assume that responsibility.

No snacks or food are allowed inside the fenced-in play area. Children will be very busy, so there should be no need. Water and coffee the only beverages allowed inside. This keep our special space clean and free of insects and critters. There are picnic tables available outside the fenced for snacking if needed.

This open-ended setting for kids is welcoming for all types of children. However, the area is not conducive to running, jumping, climbing, and rough play. We love that this environment provides a great playdate for friends or family, but please refrain from signing up a group of children for a playdate who tend to need a sports or park setting, especially if they are over 5 years old. The program is meant to be child-led but it is not meant to be a childcare service and it is not an actual playground.

Parents/responsible adults must stay on-premises with children 4 and under or if not potty trained. Children 4 and under must be supervised by their accompanying adult due to the potential of some materials to be a choking hazard. HCA does not assume that responsibility.  

A parent or guardian will be called to return to the premises if there are any behavior issues and they are not present.

This is a collaborative space, children who put other children in danger or discomfort physically will not be admitted back for the rest of the season. Children who intentionally destroy materials or structures will not be admitted back for the rest of the season.

*Our summer programs [Mini Camps for ages 4-6 & the K-2 Arts Camps] also gets to use this special hands-on exploration and play area.

*Outdoor Creative Play Sessions are supervised by an HCA staff member but they are not facilitated (like a typical class would be).

  • social engagement and social-emotional development
  • sharing and caring
  • critical thinking skills through curiosity, exploration, experimentation, and problem-solving
  • endless sensory experiences with combinations of materials and methods
  • measuring, filling, emptying, and exploring capacity engages children with mathematics
  • infinite imaginative and role-play possibilities centered around a simple play space structure and materials set-up that invites children to create in a variety of ways
  • language development is practiced by way of descriptive words, questioning, exploration, and storytelling through collaborative, imaginative experiences
  • scientific investigation via combined, mixed, transferred, and changed materials
  • fine motor skills development through the creative use of tools
  • good physical health comes from fresh air, movement, and dirt in our systems which can help develop a healthy immune system

Displaying Artistic Talents

At Harbor Creative Arts, every young artist’s work is a gallery-worthy masterpiece. We celebrate their vision, fostering a community of proud, confident creators.