Helping Hands

Helping Hands is a community art project based out of North Kingstown, Rhode Island. Community members of all ages, all ethnicities, and all religions, are invited to participate!

You are welcome to submit an art flag on your own or submit multiple artworks on behalf of a group. These might be made by a class, religious school, scout troop, etc. Work should be 5”x7” (vertical is preferred). Each art flag will be placed in a plastic sleeve to protect and display it.

Please attach a permission slip on the back of each art flag or include a letter from the director or owner on behalf of the group granting permission and label the name and age of each artist on the back of the art flags.

Recent exhibitions:

Thank you to the many, many people who joined us at We Are ALL Readers diverse children’s literature festival at North Kingstown High School! For the second year, our display was a BIG hit and it was a joy to have so many enthusiastic new art flag artists take part.

More displays to come! This initiative is designed to be a continuously evolving project and display that lifts and connects our community. We are so excited to have such a vast & growing collection of art flags.

Summer or Fall 2024: We hope to have an outdoor display somewhere in North Kingstown and/or displays in local businesses and community venues.

Be on the lookout for Helping Hands art flag making events and new ways for your group to participate in the making of them in anticipation of this.

Are you interested in hosting a display of the Helping Hands Community Art Flag Project?! Please contact

The launch of this project was coordinated by Harbor Creative Arts in collaboration with and in support of Towards an Anti-Racist North Kingstown, a 501c3 non-profit organization working to make North Kingstown a community that values every resident, and treats all with decency, honor and kindness.