The Ultimate Art Supplies Gift Guide

As an art teacher and parent, I have tried lots of art supplies. I get asked for recommendations just about daily. I worked hard to put this list together for you. Enjoy!

Supplies to have on hand at home for any age to make art:

Tablecloth (can be used on a table or floor)

Paper plates (for paint and glue)

Bowls or jars (for water) *straight sided bowls work better than curved/slanted sides to prevent spilling

Stack of big drawing/painting paper

Big glue sticks (the little ones get used up way too quick, these last long)

Hot glue gun (I prefer a dual temperature one)

Elmers glue to pour on paper plates with craft swabs

Age 2-5:


colored masking tape

roll of paper

paint brushes

crayola kids paint

tempera cakes

texture tiles (use with unwrapped crayons – place under the paper and rub crayons on the paper to reveal the texture)

Do a Dot markers

Rollers + dabbers

paint sticks (learn all about them in my recent blog post)

foam stamps

foam stickers

Age 5-10:

construction paper crayons

construction paper

tempera cakes

metallic paint set

paint brushes

thin markers

neon oil pastels

air dry clay (like model magic)

colored masking tape dispenser

Age 10-14:

colored sharpies

extra fine sharpies

drawing pencil set

metal ruler set

calligraphy brush marker pens

sketch book

watercolor set (good colors and comes with a sketchbook)

watercolor pencil set (this is my favorite brand)

acrylic paint set

paint brush set

watercolor paper

oil pastel set

decorative edge scissors

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